Papa Geppetto’s Shop of Wonders is downright magical. It is home to Pinocchio, the stubborn puppet, and his friends, Freeda the pirate ragdoll and the grumpy Talking Cricket … a trio that’s always ready for action!
No place is too far away, and no challenge is too difficult for them! Throughout their adventures they will visit amazing places, from the Magic Woods all the way to the ocean, and meet many new friends, like the Fairy with Turquoise Hair, as well as villains, like the Fox and the Cat, a duo that is always up to no good… but our heroes will always manage to save the day!

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  • Aimed at 3-7 year olds
  • Comedy, Adventure, Friendship undertone
  • CGI Animation series with 26 + 26 12 min episodes 
  • Launched May 2022
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Join Pinocchio and his friends, the pirate rag doll Freeda and the put-upon Talking Cricket, on their thrilling adventures in and around Papa Geppetto’s Shop of Wonders.