Giochi Preziosi becomes master toy partner for Masha and the Bear

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Animaccord has partnered with Giochi Preziosi to develop a new Masha and the Bear toy collection for EU Countries.

International licensing company and studio Animaccord has partnered with Giochi Preziosi to develop a new Masha and the Bear toy collection which will launch later this year in Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Greece, as well as in other European countries in 2024.

Production of the new toy line will include licensed products such as plush toys, dolls and play sets. Moreover, in 2024 Giochi Preziosi will extend the product range with seasonal toys, educational toys, role-play toys, carnival costumes and ride-on and outdoors.

The launch of the Masha and the Bear toy line from Giochi Preziosi will be supported by a complex marketing campaign through ATL and BTL communication channels arranged by both companies.

First launched in January 2009 on TV, Masha and The Bear is a 3D animated family show that features Masha, a mischievous little girl that loves exploring the world around her, and the Bear, her kind and caring friend.

A year ago, Animaccord Studio team announced it had created a new special episode of Masha and the Bear to express its thanks to all of its viewers worldwide for gathering 100b views on YouTube. The release of a short episode titled “We love you to 100 billion and back” took place on the official Masha and the Bear YouTube channel.

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