Everything can be a MojiPop, and they can change their faces to express feelings! Are they in love or having fun? Naughty or cool? They love expressing how they feel and communicating with emoticons.

MojiPops are collectable toys and playsets aimed at girls age 4-10. There are 48 characters to collect in two colours each (a total of 96 MojiPops!) and 12 different faces.

With two series launches per year, there are plenty to collect and enjoy. Playsets include themes like Movies, Ice Cream, Pets, Parties and more

MojiPops webisodes

New to 2020 is the MojiPops short cartoon episodes. The MojiPops are brought to life for the mini cartoons which see them have adventures, play and laugh together.

The Toy Range at a glance…

Each series introduces a new way to collect and play, including One Packs, Story Sets, Blister Packs and imaginative Playsets.

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