Superthings are everyday objects brought to life in a comical hero vs. villain theme. There are more than 231 multi-coloured characters to collect, each with a matching rival.

Together they live in Kaboom City, in their own designated Team homebase. Regular characters are available in two different colour-themes with some in a Rare Silver or Super Rare Gold finishes. Plus, the ever elusive Ultra Rare character in each series. Each character has their own superpower and profile, uses collectible vehicles and to race, and attack their rivals.

Each SuperThings series is supported by a full 360 marketing campaign including TV, digital, Social Media, Influencer partnerships, PR and webisodes to introduce the characters and their rivals.

SuperThings are addictively collectable. From Blind bags containing one SuperThing, to larger series-relevant Blister Packs, to the extended toy range and Mission Packs, there are endless opportunities to create storylines and develop imaginative play.

To date over 15 million SuperThings have been sold in the UK alone. With 2 series launches per year and an estimated minimum RSV in the UK (RSV) of £20 million (2020).

Licensed Product Range includes

  • Games from John Adams
  • Top Trumps & Monopoly Junior from Winning Moves
  • Magazines from DJ Murphy

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