Broadcast & Entertainment

The UK market for children’s Broadcasting requires expertise and knowledge to assess and plan the distribution of shows effectively.

Lisle International works as a consultant to connect Producers and Broadcasters. We work together to create a Report Analysis to assist with the process of a TV show’s placement and distribution.

Programme Placement and Distribution Analysis (PPDA)

Six main broadcasters distribute across 32 channels. Understanding the full scope of this market is a challenge. We are constantly being told that achieving distribution is even more difficult, that’s why at Lisle we believe strongly that a PPDA is a necessary investment to deliver essential intelligence to producers.

The PPDA answers key questions such as: which broadcaster profile is most appropriate for your show; when is it best to go to market; what is the audience data; how does a producer ensure a programme is previewed by a broadcaster, and much more.

Financial DNA Analysis

DNA financial analysis is a specialised tool built in to the PPDA which provides insight in to commercial development opportunities for producers and a stable framework for assessing the potential return on investment over a set time period.

Lisle has a proven workable forecast model which can be used to construct the strongest negotiating position in order to reduce risk and present any show in the best possible format to receive the most appealing outcome.

Research, planning and industry expertise are all essential when determining how best to present a TV show for the first time and will save further energy and additional investment later on. We seek to work with partners across 3 key stages to research, determine and then represent a property to the appropriate broadcaster at the right time.