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The Tetris® brand is one of the leading and most distinctive video game brands and franchises in the world. For over 35 years, the brand has been loved globally by people of all ages and all cultures.

Style Sisters

Social media sensations 'The Style Sisters' have organised and styled UK Celebrities, secured multiple brand partnerships, appeared on TV and radio, and have released their Amazon chart-topping book.

Pinocchio and Friends

Papa Geppetto’s Shop of Wonders is downright magical. It is home to Pinocchio, the stubborn puppet, and his friends, Freeda the pirate ragdoll and the grumpy Talking Cricket… a trio that’s always ready for action!

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We connect retailers, manufacturers & Brand owners to create innovative, new products which allow revenues and brand identities to soar. Underpinned by decades of industry and retail experience, we have firm foundations and an abundance of relevant market context; essential to evolve and adapt in today’s fluid business arena.

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Our Clients Say

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Maya Rogers
Maya Rogers

President & CEO, Tetris

“From their market knowledge to their ongoing potential partners outreach, Lisle Licensing is a great partner to work with and has achieved impressive results in expanding presence with award-winning products for the Tetris brand in the UK and Ireland.”

Victoria Connor
Victoria Connor

Licensing & Publishing Manager, Moonpig

“Moonpig has worked with Lisle on a number of licences, creating unique, personalised products for our customer base. Lisle provides us insights on market trends & research, and have worked closely with us to find new opportunities to expand our range. With their support we have created a truly unique card range for the licensors they represent.”

Martin Rees-Davies
Martin Rees-Davies

Carousel Calendars

"Carousel Calendars have been delighted to work with Lisle Licensing and with the amazing Kate Smith license. Lisle’s professionalism, attention to detail and friendly approach has made the whole relationship super easy and enjoyable. We look forward to our strong continued relationship for many years to come."

Kate Smith
Kate Smith

Founder & CEO, Kate Smith Company

"Within months of starting to work with Lisle, we had signed three spectacular licensees in the territory including a master partner in our core category. We’re looking forward to continued growth with Lisle’s help and would recommend them to other licensors in a heartbeat."

Manaf Hassan
Manaf Hassan

Sales Director, Animaccord

"Our team has been relying on the expertise of Lisle Licensing in providing a great amount of support in terms of brand building, business intelligence, retail placements and help to licensees which lead to steady growth of the Masha and the Bear brand in the territory."

Simon Pilkington
Simon Pilkington

Managing Director, John Adams

"Lisle licensing have been fantastic to work with on a local and international basis. They have a wealth of knowledge and great expertise in their field. Lisle have been instrumental in introducing key licensing partners and brands, including Tetris."

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