A Multi-award-winning CGI HD-quality animated series produced by Animaccord Studios.

142 Billion + Youtube Views

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It follows the adventures of a Russian girl called Masha who lives in the forest. After finding herself playing and making a big mess in the home of a bear who has gone fishing, the bear returns to find Masha! Despite trying to get her to leave, they become friends and so the adventures of Masha and the Bear commence!

Celebrated as one of the top 5 brands in Europe, over 142 billion views on YouTube, and the one of the top performing shows on Tiny Pop and Cartoonito, Masha and the Bear reaches a huge audience. It celebrates worldwide media coverage as well as huge success online and airing in the UK.

Target Audience: Primary – Kids 3-6 years old. Secondary – Kids 10+ years old. Tertiary – Parents and Grandparents.

/ Awards and Recognition

In 2018, the episode Recipe for Disaster was recognised as the most watched cartoon on YouTube in the Guinness World Records.
In 2021, Masha and the Bear YouTube channels gained 30 million subscribers, making them 3 x winners of the YouTube Diamond Creator Award.

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