Lisle Licensing launches SuperZings licensing programme

– top-selling collectible brand expands into board games with John Adams Leisure,

and publishing with DJ Murphy –

Magic Box Toys, the collectible toy specialists behind GoGos Crazy Bones, Star Monsters, Zomlings and SuperZings, is excited to reveal initial details of its SuperZings licensing programme in partnership with Lisle Licensing. Two new board games will hit shelves this summer from John Adams Leisure, while March sees the launch of a brand new SuperZings magazine from publisher DJ Murphy.

“A licensing programme is a natural progression for SuperZings, which is currently the number 6 collectible brand in the UK (NPD) and number 5 in Spain,” comments Julia Cake, UK & Ireland Commercial Director, Magic Box Toys. “Series 3 launched earlier this month and sales are already up 130% compared to the launch of Series 2 last September, a statistic driven by tremendous retailer support as well as demand from children keen to find the Ultra Rare character – Mr King. The colourful, comic-book-style world we’ve created for SuperZings offers an array of great licensing opportunities and we’re delighted to be partnering with Lisle to ensure every avenue is explored. We’re excited to see the different ways in which children can now interact with the brand through games and publishing.”

Hitting shelves in June, John Adams is bringing SuperZings to life with the SuperZings Race to Rescue Pressmatic game. Players take turns to race around the board collecting SuperZings gang tokens and the first player to gain a complete set wins the game. Designed for 2-4 players, the pressmatic game is suitable from age 4 and contains a rare SuperZings character. In the SuperZings Battle Game, players pick a character and a battle power card to decide which battles to face from the double-sided game board. Taking turns to roll the dice to determine which battle power is being challenged, the winner of each contest progresses along the board. The first player to reach the centre and overcome Enigma wins the game to claim the rare SuperZings character!

In the first ever publishing deal for Magic Box, DJ Murphy will be launching a monthly SuperZings magazine. This fun-packed, interactive magazine will be full of adventures, activities and giveaways, plus every issue will come with two SuperZings characters. Issue one, which hits shelves in March, has already achieved strong listings.

Lisle Licensing’s Francesca Lisle also comments, “From the second we saw SuperZings, we knew it would lend itself well to a licensing programme. The games and magazine are just the beginning – with such a rapidly growing fanbase of young children who are so thoroughly engaged with the hero vs villain play pattern, we know there is plenty of opportunity to explore further ways of bringing the brand to life through licensing. This is a very interesting and innovative category in our industry and we are thrilled to be representing Magic Box.”

SuperZings are everyday objects brought to life in a fun, comic ‘Hero vs Villain’ rivalry theme. Clad in iconic superhero capes and eyemasks, there are more than 80 multi-coloured characters to collect, each with a matching ‘rival’.

The brand has put Magic Box firmly on the map with global expansion into 11 territories outside the UK. Significant marketing investment has been made to support each launch which includes the USA, Middle East, Russia, South America and Indonesia.

In addition to SuperZings Series 3, Magic Box is also gearing up for the introduction of their brand new IP – MojiPops – which taps into 2019’s popular toy trend promoting mindfulness in children.

MojiPops Series 1 is made up of everyday objects brought to life as unique, fun-loving characters with an array of colourful emotions based on popular emoticons. From an ice cream to a cactus, a television to a pillow, each 90p blind-bagged character has a removable double-sided face: flip it over to switch between emoticon-based expressions depicting a huge variety of sentiments, or even swap faces completely with another character in the collection! Children can switch their character’s mood from sleepy to happy, sad to cool, devilish to angelic – there are six different-coloured face pieces, each with two distinct emotions to alternate between. There are 90 different characters to collect, from the worlds of pets, home, nature, travel, music, food and sport, including six ultra-rare Glitter Moji Pops.

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