SCHOOL OF ROARS has been nominated for a Broadcast Award for ‘Best Pre-school programme’.

The acclaimed preschool animation series SCHOOL OF ROARS has been nominated for a Broadcast Award for ‘Best Pre-school programme’. The Award which has seen winners such as the Clangers and Rastermouse is held at a Ceremony to be held at The Grosvenor Hotel in London on 7 February 2018.
School of Roars, which was presented at Brand Licensing Europe and MIPCOM for the first time this year has already had an exciting start to it’s licensing program.
The 2-D animated comedy that began on CBeebies on 6th February 2017, is created by Dot To Dot Productions and animated at Dot To Dot’s in-house studio in Chiswick.
ZDF Enterprises are distributing the series worldwide and have also confirmed Sprout as the broadcast partner for the USA. Sprout launched in August 2017.
The series helps children prepare for school life by seeing relationships and experiences through the eyes of 5 mini monsters. Because they’re monsters, the little heroes go to school at night, led by their lovely teacher Miss Grizzlesniff. The class learn monstery lessons, like counting the legs of spiders in maths, how to howl at the moon in music, or making delicious Blushberry Blob Cakes in cookery. Through their adventures they experience life-lessons – caring, sharing, friendship and fun – mirroring the social and emotional behaviour and group dynamics of the audience.
The series features the superb voice talent of national treasures Kathy Burke, who plays kind teacher Miss Grizzlesniff, Sarah Lancashire the quirky Headmonstress and Andrew Scott, the comical cookery teacher.
Kathy Burke says: “My character Miss Grizzlesniff is a monster-mazing teacher and very beautiful. She loves her class because every little monster is unique. I was born to play Miss Grizzlesniff. I’ve got lots of friends that are little humans who are very excited about me being in School Of Roars.”
Sarah Lancashire exclaimed: “I’m thrilled to be involved in School Of Roars and to be able to bring the rather eccentric Mrs Twirlyhorn to life.”
SCHOOL OF ROARS will be supported by strong interactive elements including games apps, story apps and a website.